How to Make Vacations Memorable for Kids | PRLog


See on - GroupTravelPlanning How to Make Vacations Memorable for Kids.   Scott Barnes's insight: Making Vacations Memorable for kids-some of our favorite tips from the article: -  Make a Busy Bag for the Trip -  Write and Send Postcards -  Create Lasting Memories See on ... more

How Travellers Can Benefit From Group Travel Planning? – Ultication


See on - GroupTravelPlanning Sometimes it can be frustrating to organize a trip to a distant location, especially if it is a group travelling together. However, with proper group travel planning it can be a pleasant experience for everyone.Scott Barnes's insight:Share the cost, get cheaper rates, share experiences, stories and increase the fun.  Got to love Group Travel!See on ... more

Beware Of 2 Travel Scams On Your Next Trip – Forbes

See on - GroupTravelPlanning Beware Of 2 Travel Scams On Your Next Trip Forbes You've heard the phrase “buyer beware,” of course.Scott Barnes's insight:This is a great article on protecting yourself on your next trip.  All too often we sit down at an airport or coffee shop and race to the best avaliable free wifi, without thinking.   These tips help you to be more aware of your online surrondings.  See on ... more

5 Steps to a Stress-Free Family Vacation – Huffington Post

5 Steps to a stress-free family vacation

See on - Thirsty World Huffington Post 5 Steps to a Stress-Free Family Vacation Huffington Post It's no secret vacations are important to families - or that they can be stressful. Our new HomeAway survey found that even though 46 percent of U.S.   Scott Barnes's insight: We love this artcile from the Huffington Post and wanted to share it with our readers.   Here at Group Travel Planning we also have some additional posts to help reduce stress on Family ... more

Great Trip Ideas for Under $2000


We've already shown you vacations for under $500 and under $1000 per person, but we wanted to stretch a little farther and bring you some options for under $2000 per person. While this might seem like a big budget for some people, those of you who have searched for international trips or trips for a week or more know that $2000 is a reasonable price to expect to spend. We've done some research and found three great trips, one in the U.S. and two internationally for under $2000 per person. ... more

Great Trip Ideas for Under $1000


In an earlier post, we gave you three great trip ideas for under $500 per person. The trips ranged from visiting a water park resort to relaxing in a lodge where Presidents have spent their time. While the vacations we reviewed were wonderful, some times we are looking to stay a little longer or do a little more, so we created this post to extend your options. Whether you are looking for a family vacation, a getaway with a large group of friends, or a more intimate retreat, we have something for ... more

Great Trip Ideas for Under $500


Sometimes planning a vacation can be unnerving, especially when you are on a budget. But, don't despair. There are plenty of great trip ideas around for great prices. You just might need a little help discovering exactly what's available. That's what we are here for. We've done a little research and discovered some amazing vacation spots for you. The prices for the vacations below are based on prices for spring and summer of 2013, but prices should stay fairly similar or may even be cheaper ... more

Can I Drink the Water:Water Purification for Travelers

katadyn pocket water microfilter

In Can I Drink the Water, we discussed tips for knowing whether or not you can drink the water while traveling. We outlined some options for drinking and bathing safely while on vacation to countries where water quality is low. So, be sure to review that information as well.  In this article, we'll explore some water purification products for travelers who may not have access to boiled water or other safe drinks. The products we discuss will range from simple to extreme. Meaning, if you are ... more

Our Favorite Travel Apps


Smart phones have certainly made traveling easier within the last five years and every day a new app surfaces that promises to make things marginally better. With so many apps out there, it's overwhelming to search for just what you need. So, if you are taking an upcoming trip, browse through our favorites. You might just find an app you love. While we have other articles for more travel apps, this article lays out the general travel apps that we recommend to everyone. For apps we recommend ... more

Best Apps for International Travel


Traveling internationally is a much different experience than traveling locally. You should always call your cell phone provider and decide if you are going to buy an international plan or if you will just carry your phone and use it when wifi is available. To make sure you won't be charged for data make sure it's turned off in your phone settings. The apps below are specific to international travel We also have a great article on general travel apps that are great for any kind of travel. So, ... more